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Surrender to the Spirit Within

Work hard day and night. Try to do everything right. No one can always win. The challenges of life Is where our spirituality begins. When we learn to let go Of all we think we know That is when we are giving sight. The soul takes over And everyone wins.

Poem: Paw Prints on My Heart

  There are a thousand paw prints covering my heart. A love for the sweet little hound from the very start. Many hounds have walked into my life Covering my heart with the paw prints of their memories. I wish they all could have stayed, but each one is a part of me. From Fred … Continue reading Poem: Paw Prints on My Heart

Discovery of the Soul

  Be brave and be bold Look into the deepest depths of the soul. See all that you have ever been . Look within. See the many lifetimes, you have lived. See your soul from the beginning of time. See your soul at its prime.   Look at all you have ever done. See all … Continue reading Discovery of the Soul

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