Poem: The Process

 I wrote this poem after a vivid dream I had about my death. I have had many dreams about my death at turning points in my life.



The Process


Something inside me was dying.

I watched as my husband was crying.

Death in the arms of my twin soul.

This death made me whole.

Part of me was no longer needed.

There was no need to feed it.


Time to let go of the darker parts of the soul

Time to let go of the pain and the fear.

I walked through hate, sadness, and pain

Most of my life.

I have faced the darker side of me,

Until I thought I was going insane.


There is no need to explain

What one goes through when they face themselves.

Only the one walking through it understands.

Soul growth is a painful process.


I watched as part of me died.

There was no need to cry.

Part of me was no longer needed.


Death and rebirth are an amazing part

Of the cycle of life.

To live it repeatedly in one lifetime,

Is to be human.


Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2021 all rights reserved
Photo from pixabay.com



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